CIE A-Level Physics
Exam Preparation
at your home in Karachi
by your tutor Shariq Hussain.

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Think Success... Think.. Shariq Hussain.

Possesses high experience in one to one coaching, of CIE Advanced Level Physics, to most type of students.

Advanced Level Physics

Shariq Hussain is the leading professional private tutor in Karachi, holds postgraduate qualifications, with extensive experience in continual tutoring Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) AS and A Level Physics (9702) including Paper 3 Advanced Practical Skills.

  • Standard Full Time Course

  • Crash Exam Preparation

  • Quick revision and Exam Tips

  • Last minute exam help

  • Past Papers Practice

  • Advanced Practical Skills

  • Planning, Analysis and Evaluation

  • Affordable hourly fees

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