Fees and Rates

Shariq Hussain ensure that he will always offer you his best coaching expertise at the minimum possible standards and requirements.

Rate & Fees Calculation

The rate may vary by location as well as the specific area of service. However the current minimum non-negotiable hourly rate is Rs 1600. This minimum rate may increase after 100% completion of advance fees balance.

Also minimum advance fees of 20 hours currently Rs 32000 is payable on first visit to start the coaching contract. To continue coaching sessions beyond 20 hours on minimum hourly rate of Rs 1600, your next fee payment should be deposited upon completion of at most 16 hours.

In addition, hourly fees is calculated on rounded per 15 minute basis. For example 2 hours coaching session means 1 hour 53.50 minutes to 2 hours 7.49 minutes coaching session, whereas 2.25 hours coaching session means 2 hours 7.50 minutes to 2 hours 22.49 minutes.

Cancellation Fees

Shariq Hussain wish he did not has to charge for cancellations at all, but the reality is that once he is assigned to your scheduled coaching session, he will often turn down other businesses to fulfill your current accepted schedule.

Awards Achieved


Yes! won awards, which bosted moral & confidence.

Clients Served


Yes! The number of clients served on one to one basis.

Satisfied Clients


Yes! Love to satisfy clients, especially with no sugar.

Hours Consulted


Yes! The accumulated hours experienced in consulting.